With a love for Pitbull and Bully puppies embedded deep in our hearts, we bring over 8 years of dedicated experience to our breeding process. Our specialization lies in cultivating Pitbull puppies that not only exhibit remarkable quality and robust health but also possess an unparalleled structure, vibrant charisma and a well-rounded temperament.

Pitbulls embody unwavering loyalty, remarkable bravery, and valiant courage. Their inherent clownish nature, heightened alertness, and dynamic intelligence make them a thrilling delight to be around. With a knack for participating, and often outshining, in manifold activities, these spirited animals never fail to amaze and entertain. In other words, Pitbulls are a bundle of joy, vigilance, and entertainment that graces every moment with fun and sheer exuberance!

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Who are we?

We proudly stand as the elite XL Pitbull Bully Kennel, renowned as one of the finest and foremost XL Pitbull Bully breeders of our generation. Each of our exceptional dogs carry the prestigious dual registration through the UKC and APBR, recognized as American Pitbull puppies. We uphold the gold standard in breeding, paving the way for the future champions.

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Our Story How Our Journey Began!

Our journey began long before we launched our breeding program in 2010. The roots trace back to 2002, when we immersed ourselves in extensive research. We delved into the rich history and the quirks of the American Bully breed which was introduced in the early ’90s, leaving no stone unturned. With passion and dedication, we embarked on this quest, and over time, our knowledge has only deepened. Our understanding, now rich and profound, informs our breeding program, ensuring the development of the finest American Bully specimens.

The captivating allure of this breed is vividly displayed through their heartfelt adoration for humans, a treasured characteristic that was deeply revered by the original breeders and continues to be cherished in contemporary times.

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